PLC Object Oriented Programming

Oct 12, 2016 -- Posted by : RickJafrate

Published in Control Engineering Magazine - Oct 7, 2016

I wrote an article, "PLC Object Oriented Programming Benefits", for control engineering magazine. It's the featured item in their Machine Control newsletter and will appear in the January February issue of Control Engineering print edition.

The latest IEC-61131-3 standard update includes object-oriented programming (OOP) language. Although OOP is often associated with high-sounding terminology, it is quite simple. OOP is all about organization and simplification. Organization refers to the manner in which the program elements are grouped and the grouping mechanisms are employed. Well-organized programs are more intuitive and easier to work with. OOP features are designed to promote and facilitate sound organizational projects. Simplification refers to the simplified interface that is presented to the external world. Beneath that surface, complex details within the object itself are kept within the program.

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