Miller Process Coatings

MPT100 Flame Treater

We worked with the Proud company, who provided the hardware design and components, for this project. We provided the PLC and HMI programming for a 1-position flame treatment machine. The system was deployed on a Mitsubishi FX series PLC and and a small GT100 HMI module. When vacuum is applied to a vacuum chuck the part is held in place during the flame treatment.

Parts are placed onto the chuck and light curtain detects when the operator withdraws from the loading area. Vacuum is applied to lock the part in place. The burner swings into place and is ignited and the part is rotated. When the specified number of rotations re complete the flame is extinguished and the burner rotated away from the load area. The speed and number of rotations are specified on the HMI. When complete the flame is extinguished.

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Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., is part of a $40 billion global company serving a wide variety of industrial markets with a family of automation products including programmable logic controllers, variable frequency drives, operator interfaces, motion control systems, computer numerical controls, industrial robots, servo amplifiers and motors.


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